Friday, November 23, 2012

Getting Outside in the Winter

Walking, just walking!

I was thinking about this the other day because we have a rule in our house that our son has to go outside everyday, whoever has him. Whether it's mommy, daddy or grandma, we all love to walk outside and experience nature and the environment. Since we live in northern Illinois in the countryside, winter becomes a lot harder to get this done.

The weather in Illinois, especially in January and February, becomes bitter cold and snowy. It is not so easy to keep this rule, as you get stuck indoors or driving from indoor entertainment to indoor entertainment. This year we are supposed to get a pretty bad winter, at least that's what the weathermen are predicting for us. 

So we are looking for some assistance from our readers out there. When is a child old enough to truly enjoy the snow? I don't think my 3-year old is that delicate anymore, and he seems to want to build snowmen this year. What are some safe outdoor activities to do in the wintertime?

If we can't think of anything that is safe, should be move to warmer climes? Being outdoors year round was a real benefit when we lived in Northern California, and there is also a lot of family in Arizona?

We leave it up to you, dear reader! Give us some thoughts and example for what we should do outdoors this winter!

Happy Parenting!

Damir and Nicole

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