Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Where do you buy eBooks/Apps?


Recently we asked our readers where do you they go to buy their physical books, and offered some locations where readers could go to buy their books, which sadly is not as many as it used to be. With the proliferation of eBooks and Apps, we wonder which of the marketplaces people enjoy shopping at?

1. iTunes for App Store and iBookstore
The Apple-owned iTunes program boasts the largest selection of music and apps one could want. With Apple Tablets and smartphones dominating the industry, this is the number one place for consumers to find the apps they are looking for. The problem for Apple is the iBookstore, and consumers do not frequent this marketplace for eBooks because of limited quantities and typically higher prices than their competition.

Boasting one of the most trafficked sites on the Internet, the Amazon eBookstore for their Kindle devices has over 1 million books to offer and a nice App Store for users to surf. Amazon also boasts a great online-streaming service for movies and TV shows, making it one of the biggest providers of content for users of their devices.

The website for Barnes & Noble, and its accompanying App Store and eBookstore, actually boast the largest number of eBooks that a consumer would want to buy. The new video service and a fairly serviceable App Store make this content provider fairly user-friendly. The Nook Kids portion also boasts more interactive eBooks and regular eBooks for children than any other content-provider.

4. Google
Google Play is the world’s largest App store, and provides content for a wide variety of Android-software supported devices. Although their marketplace for eBooks is sorely lacking, there are a wide variety of ways to get ePub files on the open marketplace that are all legible on most Google-friendly tablets and eReaders.

5. The Rest
This is the place where Kobo and Sony customers go to shop, at their respective eBookstores. These devices and their accompanying App Stores and eBookstores offer little different than most of what is already out there, and the devices to read this content are not as popular as the rest of this list.

Let us know what devices and platforms you find the best for you! We are excited to hear about any new platforms too!

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